Mark Galer

Nepalese Woman

A beautiful young woman photographed in Kathmandu, Nepal

The lived-in look

An old 'down-but-not-out' character photographed in a bus shelter in Weston-Super-Mare, UK

Life's a drag

A drag queen celebrating the royal wedding in Trafalgar Square in 2011


A police officer in New York


Top of the Rockefella Center

The Mall

Captured during the royal wedding celebrations in 2011 in London on The Mall.

Photo Opportunity

Photo Opportunity at the Grand canyon.


Cowboy in Fort Worth Texas

Piergiorgio Brusegan

Venetian Artist


Alan Captured on location with black velvet behind sitter. Post-production enhances studio feel.



Gilber Namala

Gilber Namala (Milgarri Community, Knuckeys Lagoon, 11 Mile)

Frank Murphy Munapiyawuy

Frank Murphy Munapiyawuy - Milgarri Community originally from Milingimbi Northern Territory

Matthew Sheilds and Alvira Murrungun

Child Alvira Shields, Father Matthew Murrungun

Natasha Marcianak

Natasha Marcianak & Karita White

Nicholas Walton-Healey

Nicholas Walton-Healey

Larry Singh-Lippo

Larry Singh-Lippo (18 months old) with Mother Priscilla Singh (Gurdorrka, Palmerston Indigenous Village aka 15 Mile)

Camilia Albert

Camilia Albert from Milgarri Knuckeys Lagoon

Ian Garadji

Ian Garadji-Knuckeys Lagoon Milgarri Community aka 11 mile community

Alysha Gaden (Bullinying)

Alysha Gaden (Milgarri Community, Knuckeys Lagoon, 11 Mile Community - from Pulumpa)

Alysha Gaden

Alysha Gaden (Milgarri Community Knuckeys Lagoon aka 11 Mile Community)

Giacomo Pirozzi

Giacomo Pirozzi: UNICEF Photographer

Sovereign Hill Portrait

Sovereign Hill Portrait

Sovereign Hill Portrait

Sovereign Hill Portrait